​MAS America Extrusion and Recycling Technology

MAS America Extrusion and Recycling Technology

Saigh Solutions/MCSI is proud to announce our representation of MAS America. MAS offers the most progressive technology in plastic recycling and compounding today.

MAS extruders are more than just another extruder. Their patented designs bring to market the only Conical, Co-Rotating twin screw extruder. This technology offers many advantages over traditional single-screw or twin screw designs.

  1. The very generous feed throat opening eliminates the need of side feeders for additives when compounding. All materials are fed directly into the feed throat. This also reduces the length of the machine by as much as 30% compared to traditional twin screw extruders.
  2. The co-rotational twin screw design creates unmatched homogeneity of product mix and allows the machine to process low bulk density products (fluff, flake, etc.) quite easily without the need of a Crammer feed system. And in a very short horizontal distance.
  3. The foot print of the MAS extruders is very small utilizing processors production facilities very efficiently.
  4. The energy efficiency of the MAS extruders is unmatched. 20%-40% energy consumption of competitor’s extruders with equivalent throughput specifications.

MAS also provides the most efficient continuous melt filtration system on the market. The MAS CDF filtration system eliminates the need of screen changing. The CDF uses a continuously rotating etched disc that is constantly cleaned as wood, paper and other soft contaminants are captured in the extrusion melt flow. This system can be added to existing extrusion processes regardless of the extruder manufacturer.

MAS also provides a dry cleaning system (MAS-DRD) which dries moist material while at the same time removing dust and heavy dirt particles from recycled material prior to extrusion. The system uses hot air and high volume air agitation to create a low impact cleaning environment.

If you are interested in learning more about MAS America, please contact Saigh Solutions/MCSI at 888-543-4021 or visit www.saighsolutions.com.