SESOTEC Metal Separation and Metal Detection

Saigh Solutions/MCSI is proud to represent SESOTEC Metal Separation and Metal detection equipment. SESOTEC offers the most advanced technology in ferrous and non-ferrous metal detection and metal separation for plastic and food.

SESOTEC is able to detect and remove non-ferrous metal particles such as brass, aluminum and stainless steel from bulk materials such as plastic regrind or virgin plastic pellets. The removal is done in-line while vacuum conveying the product or when product is gravity fed from a hopper. SESOTEC can also remove particles as small as .8 millimeters directly on the throat of injection molding, extrusion and blow molding machines.

SESOTEC also provides metal detection equipment for parts and bulk material that can be used to stop or reverse conveyor belts or alarm other down-stream production activity.

SESOTEC technology is used in the PET recycling industry to sort PET Flake and PETG labels and poly cap material. We can sort by color and polymer type in a single pass in very large volumes (many thousands of pounds per hour).

SESOTEC also provides EASY to clean rare earth drawer magnets.

If you are interested in learning more about SESOTEC, please contact Saigh Solutions/MCSI at 888-543-4021 or visit