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HPM North America

HPM North America’s Plastic Injection Molding Machines incorporate inexpensive Eastern manufacturing costs with Western Technology, Controls, Assembly and support. Located in Marion, Ohio, HPM NA provides the best balance of cost and quality to the Plastic Injection molding market in North America. These quality machines are available in All Electric (60-260 US Tons), Servo Toggle (65-720 US Tons) and 2-Platen designs (900-3500 US Tons). Many machines in stock in Ohio for immediate delivery. Full list of options can be added. But, standard features are plentiful at extremely competitive prices!

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HSE – All Electric Injection molding machines

• 60-260 US Tons (clamping force)
• High Speed and Efficiency
• Quiet Operation
• Long Service Life
• Ideal for Medical, Pharmaceutical and Electronics Markets
• Low Cost of Ownership
• 3 Year Golden Warranty



HST2 – Servo Toggle molding machines

• 65 – 720 US Tons (clamping force)
• 5-Point Toggle Clamp
• Servo Pump Technology
• Fast and Repeatable Machines
• Low Cost of Ownership
• 3 Year Golden Warranty



HSII – 2 Platen Machines

• 900-3500 US Tons (clamping force)
• Small Footprint
• 30% Energy Savings
• Fast Clamp Speeds
• Low Cost of Ownership
• 3 Year Golden Warranty

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