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Injection Molding

Injection Molding Machines (70 Ton – 7,000 Ton)
• Process Training (RJG Training)
• Process Control / Process Monitoring (RJG pressure sensors, temperature sensors, eDarts)
• Custom Automation (Three Axis, Six Axis, Vision Systems and Assembly Cells)
• Size Reduction Equipment (Grinders, Shredders)
• Modular Conveyors (DynaCon)
• Heavy Duty Conveyors (Roller, Belt, Chain, Gravity)
• Process Water (Temp Control Units, Cooling Towers, Chillers)
• Feed Screws and Barrels (Rebuild, New, Design)
• Material Dryers
• Material Blenders and Dosing Equipment
• Material Vacuum and Pressure Conveying Equipment
• Metal Detection / Metal Separation (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metal removal)
• Rare-Earth Magnets (Drop-In and Drawer Magnets)
• Dust Removal (from plastic bulk material)
• Injection Molding Machine Control and Hydraulic Upgrades
• Mold Care Products (Slide Mold Cleaners, Mold Releases, Rust Preventives, Lubricants)
• Purging Compounds