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Hosokawa Polymer Systems provides a wide range of granulation technologies capable of pilot scale recycling up to full production material recovery. Designed, Manufactured & Assembled in the USA, Hosokawa Polymer Systems offers Press Side Granulators, Large Part Granulators, Auger Feed Granulators, Hot Melt Granulators, Shurfeed Granulators, Heavy Duty Granulator, Pipe Recycling Systems, Alpine® Rotoplex Granulators, Alpine® CL Series Granulators, Dedusting equipment, Fine Plastic Milling Systems, Crammer Re-feed Systems, Shredders, and Film Flake Silos.

Polymer Systems Alpine Compact Line Granulator Brochure

Polymer Systems Auger Feed Granulator Brochure

Polymer Systems Heavy Duty Granulators Brochure

Polymer Systems Large Part Granulators Brochure

Polymer Systems Premium Shurfeed Granulators Brochure

Polymer Systems Press-Side Granulators Brochure

Polymer Systems PRS Spec Sheet

Polymer Systems Shurfeed Granulators Brochure

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