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UBE Machinery produces Large Injection Molding Machines, Die Cast Machinery and Extrusion Presses.

MEt5 Electric Machines

Realizing improved performance through constant evolution

Evolution of controller

    • Pursuit of stable molding using MAC-VIIIt
    • Digitization of the molding technician's skills and techniques

Advances in the injection unit

    • High-performance digital load cell mounted to realize high=-precision plasticity measurement
    • High-speed injection unit for improved thin-wall/high-precision molding process control



ME2+ Electric Injection Molding Machines

The highly regarded MEII+ Series was enhanced by equipping it with a new version MAC-VIII controller. The MEII+ features latest technologies adopted from the fields of advanced wear analysis, tribology, and electronics and provides for a highly accurate highly precise operation which contributes to reduced molding costs

    • Belt-less high power injection
      Reducing molded product weight and wall thickness
    • Compact five-point toggle system
      High accuracy and fast cycle
    • New generation MAC-VIII controller
      Easy of operation and superior function
    • Electric servo drives
      Reduced operating costs
    • Wide variety of available options
      Accommodates a variety of molding conditions


MEIII Electric Injection Molding Machines

Evolved to lead the next generation : The Mitsubishi Electric Injection Molding Machine "MEIII series" has added wide platen specs for the new lineup and is equipped with new MAC-IX controller.  The MEIII provides high reliability and takes advantage of the latest in integrated technology by Mitsubishi.

    • New MAC-IX Controller
    • High rigidity wide platen
    • Varied screw line-up
    • Fast response, high powered injection, dedicated DD motor
    • Highly reliable ball screw
    • Electronic regeneration system


emX Electric Injection Molding Machines

The Standard for a New Generation: The new and improved emX series, offering stronger performance and better environmental characteristic than it’s highly regarded predecessor, the emseries. With major upgrades to most of the em series components and mechanism, the emX series offers upgrades in both quality and performance.

Smaller, Faster, and Environmentally Conscious

    • Two-platen clamping mechanism
      Smaller, Faster, and Highly Precise
    • Eco-servo-pump
      Lower energy usage; lower CO2 emissions
    • Direct-drive injection
      Ideal for thin-wall molding
    • UB Screw
      Lower material costs
    • MAC-VIII+
      User friendly, Easy to operate

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